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If custody is split 50/50 is someone still responsible for Child Support in Minnesota?

My husband wants 50/50 custody over my daughter. If it is split down the middle, will someone still have to pay custody? I would be the primary house, but it would still be split 50/50. Also, he makes about ,000 more than me a year. We live in Minnesota. Thanks!

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  1. bubbles says:

    usually if custody is split 50/50 then both parties waive child support because the child will spend equal time in both households..
    u can c what an attorney has to say but thats how it usually works…

  2. Caroline A says:

    That depends on if it is considered a significant income difference between the two parties.

  3. mayihelpyou says:

    My ex and I have joint (50/50) custody of our kids, however, I have physical custody of them which means they live with me. Therefore I get child support. If we were to split the physical custody.. i.e. 6 mo with him 6 mo with me. No one would pay child support as we have then equal time. The parent with physical custody gets the support because the children live with them. Joint custody only means that you both have a say in whatever relates to the kids.

  4. sheloves_dablues says:

    If the incomes split is significant, yes, someone will still be responsible for child support. You may want to clarify what he means by 50/50. Joint custody means both parents have equal say in decision making, but doesn’t necessarily mean that the child spends exactly half time living with each parent.

  5. LL says:

    The idea of child support is to balance the finacial obligation in both homes. If he wants 50/50, which I think is best for the child, he would still pay support to balance the finances since he makes more money than you. Some states, like CA, calculate support by both parties income and how much time the child spends in each home. A no-child-support order in CA would mean that both parents have the child 50% and both have identical salaries. That is rare. My husband had 50% with his son yet still paid $600 a month because his ex was an unemployed deadbeat. He now has 80% custody and a no-child-support order because his ex, again, is unemployed. Googe "child support in Minnesota" to find a child support calculator.

  6. snjas1 says:

    Normally in a shared custody case, if the incomes are about the same & you agree, no one pays child support. BUT if there is a big difference between your incomes, then whichever parent makes more will pay support to even things out between the households. Of course as the years go on, you can always go back to court to get it modified if the arangements or incomes change later. When my parents got divorced, I was already 21 then grown & gone, but I have a younger sister who was 10 then, 15 now. They agreed to a shared parenting, shared custody arangement with no one paying support. They spilt everything 50/50 & she spents exactly equal time between the two them. That part was easy because they only live a block away from each other. They got away with it because they made approx. the same amount of money then. NOW, my mom makes WAY more than my dad does, & he can very easily get child support out of her if he wants to. But he doesn’t feel like going back to court over it, they are happy with the arrangement that they have. So it all depends on what you can agree on & what the judge will allow, & remember that it can always be changed later.

  7. Bride in need says:

    I was going to make the same suggestion about locating the child support calculator online for your state. You not only have to keep in mind income, but who carries the insurance on the kids.

  8. U asked I answered.No suga coatn says:

    If you have 50/50 then the costs are split 50/50. So he should not be paying for half when in courts eyes he is already responsible for half. I don’t know that is sticky. It probably also depends on what the judge says.

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