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How do you contact DOG the Bounty Hunter direct?

How do you contact DOG the Bounty Hunter direct?
I want to contact dog the bounty hunter direct. Does anyone know how? My son’s father owes over ,000 in child support arrearages in Cook County, Illinois and he moved to Washington County, Minnesota.

There was a body attachment issued (warrant for arrest) in Cook County for ,200. I know where he lives. I have the address and everything. He lives in Washington County, Minnesota which is in another jurisdiction from Cook County, Illinois.


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  1. Sapphyre says:

    Duane Chapman aka DOG only has his offices in Hawaii and Colorado, but they would not go after someone with a small bond in the states. I talked to Beth’s son (Beth is DOG’s wife) on the phone and asked him if they do go to the States to get someone. He said that only if it was a very high bond, or if it is someone who they wrote the bond on. So you would be better to get a local Bounty hunter to go after your son’s father.

    If you would like to verify the info I gave you can contact DOG’S office in Hawaii at 808-921-2245


  2. akebhart says:

    Dog lives in Hawaii…he’s not comeing all they way out here for THAT! There are a TON of bounty hunters out there that will do the job just as well.

  3. midnightdealer says:

    Try one locally it would be cheaper.

  4. mike g says:

    DOG wouldnt go after him, not enough money and its not his bond

  5. place_desjardins says:

    There are many bounty hunters in the US, not all of them have mullets.

  6. nicegirl_98_34 says:

    go to hsi web site
    they have a phone number and email addresses u can contact them at!
    if he helps you ask if he could help me find my sis in law….oops x sis in law! she’s pretty messed up and has like 3-4 warrants out for her arrest…hope she gets caught soon….

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