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Do I need to show up for divorce court for no contest?

My wife was writing to a man in prison and he just got out. He’s a level 3 sex offender from Minnesota and I’m so disgusted I just want to never have to look back. If I just don’t go and not bother and really don’t care what the outcome is because it’s all divorce anyways and she took everything I had, do I still have to show up… I know if I do I’ll cry and I cried at our wedding… She don’t deserve my tears now… It’s just a pretrial, but if I do show up can I just say no contest and get it over with on that day? I have two days left…

6 Responses to “Do I need to show up for divorce court for no contest?”

  1. concernedparent says:

    You should be looking for professional legal advice for this answer.

  2. Sue B says:

    you don’t have to show. if it’s a no contest it will be over right away. Good luck and don’t be afraid to share your tears with another woman in the coming years.

  3. judyrobins14 says:

    Yes, you must show up! Especially if there are children of your union, do you want the ex-pervert to have anything to do with them? Tell the court who she has struck up a relationship with and take proof of who he is with you and request full custody of your children. Do not allow her any visitation unless a court appointed person is present as you do not want to expose your children to be in the same room as the pervert, that is what he is, even if he paid his debt to society. Personally I don’t think that they ever go straight, once a pervert always a pervert!
    If it is just the wife, you need the closure for yourself to move on. You can and should let her know, that it is not right what she did, but you are happy with the decision because she wasn’t worthy of the love that you had bestowed on her! Don’t give her your tears, but do take back your heart!

  4. hustlegrl22 says:

    Stand the fuck up and be a fucking man! Sorry to be so harsh, but are you really that stupid! You are gonna let this woman take everything you got and possibly ruin you for life because you don’t want to cry. Come on be smarter than what you are working with!!

  5. ubu says:

    If you do show up and tell them it is not contested then it will be done quicker. If you don’t they will get another court date until you have a chance to appear. Out of respect for the court go and get it over with…..You should get it finalized to protect yourself. What if they run up some bills or take out a loan in her name ???

  6. lorisam7879 says:

    I can understand your disgust, and hear the pain in this post….however, while I don’t agree with the aggressiveness of the first post, I agree with the point. Do not let her take everything. You fighting does not show weakness, it shows you standing on two feet and not taking her stuff anymore. She ruined your marriage, and caused you pain….but letting her take all you have will just put the icing on the cake for her….fight it, won’t you?
    If you don’t care about the outcome, you still should attend to insure you answer any questions the judge has. This will only make the process go smoother and quicker.

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